Thursday, January 13, 2011

The first lesson came from the family

The first lesson came from the family

In this world, everyone have a family. Big or small, together or far apart, happy or

unhappy, still leaving or have leave us, everybody have it. Even the stray people in the street

have their own family. Sometimes, family is not just blood bonding , it appear from love and

friendship. An orphan that live in an orphan house, have a big family, as many as the orphan that

live there. Some people want to have family and some people hates their own family. They

never appreciate what they get easily.

But, the point of this article is to talk about our first lesson that came from our family, in

our own house. Before we get into kindergarten, all of us was rise in our own family. We learn to

talk our first word in our house. Usually mama, then papa. We also learn to obey rules and order

from our parent in our house. We learn that I we do something wrong, we must pay for it. We

learn to accept our specialties and weaknesses in our family. We also learn obey the religion in

our own family in our own house. From this, we know that the family brings very huge impact in

our first attitude and first knowledge. But, what happen when the family itself was full of

problem, unhappy, unknowledgeable, or even worse, divorce happen?

When the first step is not really well , the next step and the step after that, will not goes

well also if the problem was not fixed . For example, in mathematics if the first calculation was

wrong, the next calculation and the calculation after that will also give the wrong answer, if we

do not notice or clear our mistakes from the beginning. Now days, when a student of a school

make problems, not obeying the rules, make vandalism and other crime, the school and the

teachers was blame. Yes, they play some rule in the student attitude, but the biggest influence of

their manner and attitude came from their house itself. We must stop blaming each other , and try

to help getting over this problem in our own place and our own family.

In 24 hour, most of our time should be in our house. And just only 6 or 7 hour in the

school. The teachers just only can watch our son in that period, and the rest lies on us, their

parent. So, how is the way that we can always be there with our children? We can not, but Allah

can. How if we let Allah always be in our children heart? Then , the parent must teach their

children the technique to ‘chose and chose not’. Teach them to think the good things, and the bad

effect of doing bad things. Teach them with love and passion, then they will know that the parent

is serious in teaching them. This things is not easy, but it can be done with passion and faith in

Allah. Then, they will know that Allah will always be there with them.

But if we have done all this, the teachers have teach all of their knowledge and the

society has done much to overcome this problem, but it just happen. Pray more to Allah, because

all this can be our test to investigate the real faith of us. Work harder and harder, and all of us

will help to make our society better and better every day. And remember, the first lesson is very

importance, and the lesson came from our own family, in our own house.

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