Monday, December 20, 2010

Who we are, determine what we see

Entry 2 18 December 2010 : Who we are, determine what we see

In our daily life, many things happen. Some are make us happy, and some make us

unhappy. Some says that our lie is just like a novel or film. To me , that is not true.

Because, all o the novel and the novel are inspired by our life. So, our life is far more interesting,

magnificent, funny ,sad, and whatsoever than all the novel and film in this entire world .

But, nobody can denied that , a novel or movie can change a way of thinking of a human.

Or example, the Harry Potter novel by J.K Rowling has become a worldwide event and being

read by millions of teenager ( sometimes older and younger) in entire world recently. And many

of them are inspired to be a ‘good’ sorceress to fight the ‘bad’ sorceress like Voldemort that use

‘black’ magic. And some also claim that there is ‘white’ and ‘black’ magic. This shown us that,

a novel can change the mind of somebody. All of us know that, all magic is ‘illegal’ in Islam, or

in the simple word, Haram. But, with the ‘help’ of Harry Potter, some o us are blurred with this

topic. Maybe some of you will said I am pessimist or too conservative, Harry Potter is just a novel , just for fun! To the grown up, yes, it is ‘okey’ , but, how about the kid? Do they really

know? Remember, the best learning age is the age of children . What they see now, will effect

their thought in the future , if we do not tell them the reality. Have you ever heard that there was

case o a young boy died after fall down from his balcony just because he thinks he was a

superman ( because he tied a towel to his back just like Superman). That just one example, and

there are many more out there. You can see it for your self.

If every day , they watch many this ‘just for fun’ movie . They will think like them and

act like them for example the superhero that they admired. If the movie have a good moral

value, good language and good attitude, well done. You can give your children o watch it every

day. The act is, there so little ( there is, but not much) of this kind or genre movie and novel. The

producer just thinking about the profit and money they will get from the sale, not knowing that

they are spreading the ‘hedonism’ ( love of un only) to their own society and even their own

children. This condition is very dangerous to our next generation mind setting.

Because of this, the ‘well thinker’ society must produce a good writers and also directors

or producers to help the next generation to ‘fight against’ all of the ‘just for fun’ movie and

novel or the sake of our children generation. The government also must strictly to make sure all

of our Malaysian film ,movie , novels and whatsoever to have a good moral value and batter

than ‘just for fun’ movie. Our society need a change, and to do that, we must change our self.

And with the help of ‘good’ media, we can go further. We are Malaysian, and also Muslim, and

remember, who we are determine what we see. So give us a good things to see.

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