Friday, January 7, 2011

Afraid of ‘human-made’ ghost

Afraid of ‘human-made’ ghost

I am not a fan of Malaysian Film, but I knows most of the news about it. And one new

thing that I notice that somehow , out of the blue the ghost film suddenly became the majority of

all the new film. All these in the horror film genre. Only a few of the new released film is not in

this genre. So, is there any problem? Yes. It is. Why?

The starter of this genre film in this 20century start from the famous Pontianak, Harum

Sundal Malam. Then , a few years later, many horror film are released into public such as Jangan

pandang belakang, ngankung,, congkak, damping malam and the newest one is Janin. There a lot

of this film and I cannot describe them all here. But one things for sure, all these will infect our

children mind with a very negative affect. All these superstition just do not help our mind to

think normally and logically. For example, our small child are afraid to go to the bathroom in

their own house in the night just because they ‘think’ that there was a ‘ghost’ in the bathroom.

Not just children, even grown up person can act just like 5-years old kid that afraid of dark and

ghost. All this is not helping the society to grow up mentally and physically.

Do I belief in this ‘paranormal’ , yes. Do I afraid? No. Why? Because , as we relies or not,

this ‘paranormal’ things is all over us, surrounding us, because they are one of our environment .

Even while I write this entry, maybe some ‘ghost’ is watching me. So, why we should be afraid

off? We just afraid of what we saw in the film will came to us, grab our feet in the dark, will suck

our blood and will be behind us in lonely area. That just what the director imagination, what the

scrip writer imagine and all of the ‘terrifying’ ghost is just a ‘human-made’ . Are there real ghost

act in a film? Totally not! So what we see in the film is just a imagination of someone that trying

to make money and that imagination is haunting our mind days and nights. We get the fear, the

producer and director get the money.

The over-limit of this genre type film not just prevent our mind to grow, it also stunt the

growth of our film industry. Generally, every nation or races have their own ‘ghost’ , and all

ghost have the same ‘function’, to scare human. All this type of film have less potential to be sell

abroad to other continent and the world. Not like, fiction and real life-based film, they have a big

potential to be recognize by the world. This genre of film will limit our creativity in making a

good film and good story line. Because, ghost film is just ‘ghost’ that do not have a real stand, in

real world or in our imagination.

So, I want to advise to all of Malaysian community to not supporting these type of film

because it not helping us. Maybe there is a good aspects, but when the bad aspects is the domain,

the good aspects will just become a ‘ghost’ in the story, covered by the bad. Let us free our mind,

gain our knowledge and understand the ‘paranormal’ in a normal way.

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